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Welding Equipment
A basic welding process requires certain common equipments. These include the power supply, electrodes, welding rods and arcs, and shielding gas. The shielding gas is used mainly in gas metal arc work to protect the weld area from atmospheric gases. Robots have become crucial equipment in modern welding process as it facilitates automated welding, thus increasing the efficiency and enhancing various welding processes.

Welding equipment will be used to do whatever type of welding the welder does. Welding equipment will include torches, but also gases and safety equipment, and all of this will depend on the type of welding the welder will do. Arc welding will require different equipment than someone who is a plasma cutter. Oxy-Acetylene Welding Equipment
This equipment is ideally suited to the welding of thin sheets, tubes and pipes but not economical for thick section welds.

Arc Welders
Arc welding or stick welding requires a higher skill level and mastery of certain techniques. The weld must be cleaned when completed due to the flux electrode forming a slag blanket over the weld bead.

MIG Welding
MIG welding is generally a lot easier than gas or arc welding. Flux cored MIG welding (FCAW) uses a weld wire with a centre core of flux which eliminates the need for gas shielding and offers easier, portable welding outdoors and on dirtier metals. Both processes of welding are very fast and allows you to weld the thinnest and thickest of metals. MIG Welding equipments come with cold running temperatures.